iShot® - Networks

iShot® has a strong net of production and distribution: from Plastic materials, fireworks manufacturing to supplying of supports. Developed to guarantee an efficient and fast service to our customer all over the world.

iShot® Single Shot Manufacturers


China: Starlight Fireworks

China: Tang Hua Fireworks

China: Jin yi Fireworks

China: Mei Tai Fireworks


Germany: Bavaria Fireworks

Germany: Jgw - Birkenholtz

Italy: Panzera s.a.s.

Italy: Giuliani Fireworks

Italy: Pirotecnica San Pio

Italy: Pirotecnica Santa Chiara

Spain: Pirotecnia Europlá

Spain: Pirotecnia Ricasa

iShot® Recommended racks manufacturers


Italy: CRM off.mecc.

Spain: Pyro Lamas

iShot® Tubes and Plugs Authorized & Licensed Manufacturers

Europe & USA

Italy: ONFA srl

Spain: Plasticos Gamon S.A.

China and Asia