(for Safety & Security applications)

Pyro-mechanisms such like Pyro-Actuators activated by Gas Generators can be used for following safety & security applications:

  • Fix Fire Suppression Systems;
  • Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems;
  • Smoke Evacuation Systems;
  • Cash Protection Systems;
  • Emergency Floating Systems;
  • Emergency Parachute Systems;
  • Pilot protection systems (racing);

Pyro-mechanisms (Pyro-Actuators and Gas Generators) originate from Aerospace Engineering and Automotive Engineering, therefore their production cycle is the result of strict quality control procedures. Our Pyro-Mechanisms are all equipped with certifications proving their conformity with internationally accepted quality standards (ISO, CE, LCPB).

According to A.D.R. (Dangerous Goods Transportation) and IATA procedures, approved Pyro-Mechanisms are considered NON-EXPLOSIVE articles and Gas Generators belong to the Class 1,4 S. Both can be freely bought and shipped by air.

Pyrotechnic Actuators and Gas Generators