Safety & Security

Pyrotechnic Actuators and Gas Generators can be used for the following safety & security applications:

  • Fix Fire Suppression Systems
  • Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems
  • Smoke Evacuation Systems
  • Cash Protection Systems
  • Emergency Floating Systems
  • Emergency Parachute Systems
  • Pilot protection systems (racing)

The technology that distinguishes Pyrotechnic Actuators and Gas Generators originates from Aerospace Engineering and Automotive Engineering, therefore their production cycle is the result of strict quality control procedures. Our products are all equipped with certifications proving their conformity with internationally accepted quality standards (ISO, CE, LCPB).

According to A.D.R. (Dangerous Goods Transportation) and IATA procedures, Pyrotechnic Actuators are considered NON-EXPLOSIVE products and Gas Generators belong to the Class 1,4 S. Both can be freely bought and shipped by air.

Pyrotechnic Actuators and Gas Generators