PyroLEDA® - Training and Hiring

Monetti S.r.l. has taught hundreds of companies and hundreds of professional service technicians from around the world about tips and tricks of both digital and analog Firing System for Fireworks. Our utmost professionalism and technical expertise are completely at your service. Hire or buy our equipment and benefit from our technical consultation focused on the usage and the design of PyroLEDA® Firing System.

TRAINING: We teach you how to run the Firing System and how to make the best use of all the functions and potentialities which are at your disposal.

DISPLAY DESIGN: Together with you we turn the idea into a project. We accompany you since the creation of a pyrotechnic display in its entirety (even for what concerns pyrotechnic display with music or media) and we provide you with all the instruments to achieve it.

TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE IN THE FIELD: We support you in setting up the display by providing you with assembly drawings, lists of products and links, and with all is needed to preparing your display.

EQUIPMENT HIRE: of the PyroLEDA® Firing System. Whether you already are one of our customer or not, we do not matter: there is a sufficiently large number of F3 Controller and RT3, SQ3 modules available to rentals. We can fully cover the whole of customer’s needs, even during periods of higher demand.

WARRANTY: warranty on the rental of new equipment and on the event’s success. NO ONE has NEVER become dissatisfied with our products or services.