PyroLEDA® - Why PyroLEDA®

The advantage of choosing PyroLEDA®

PyroLEDA® has outdone its rivals by offering very high quality performances, standing out in terms of:

  • Reliability
  • Speed
  • Flexibility
  • Safety

Reliability means having the chance to count on a system that is always capable to ensure satisfactory outcomes. It means having to deal with a pyrotechnic display with the proper calmness, it means facing major events with the required commitment and concentration. It means always completing a task while still maintaining a superior performance in all areas.

Speed of data communication means having the chance to program and conduct tests only in a few seconds, and to always keep the situation under control, even in the most challenging assignments. It means having the chance to produce the making of a display without execution constraints, even when sequences overlap. It means having the chance to organize major events relying on a dependable and responsive device.

Flexibility means having to deal with a system that is able to work both via cable and via wireless, ensuring the same speed. It means being able to use a wide variety of radio frequencies and communication vectors, which are suitable for almost every location and regulatory framework.

Intrinsic Safety means having the chance to entrust your own safety (and the one of your staff) to a system that is able to shield from potential dangers. Safety means being able to supervise the display’s preparations during the all work steps, until the professional decides to arm the system.

PyroLEDA® can boast all these essential features, offering the professional a system equipped with endless usage possibilities.

Specific advantages

PyroLEDA® is a modular system that can be applied to every need and every occasion, from small pyrotechnical display to major events.


  • For small pyrotechnic display in manual mode: RT3 + SQ3 (via cable or wireless)
  • For small pyrotechnic display with music: Audio source + SQ3 (via cable or wireless)
  • For medium-sized pyrotechnic display, up to 2000 cues: F3 + SQ3 (via cable or r wireless)
  • For large-sized pyrotechnic display, up to 130.000 cues = F3 + RT3 + SQ3 (via cable or wireless)

HYBRID Communication (Cable/Wireless and coexistence of different vectors)

PyroLEDA® optimizes the data exchange vectors by means of its HYBRID architecture, making possible the coexistence of cable and wireless connections provided with different protocols.

CABLE. Different cables for different needs. A standard bipolar cable (0.5 mm Ø-500 m) aimed at connecting firing modules (SQ3) and Remote Controller (RT3 and/or F3) which allows avoiding topographical constraints (in the proximity of the firing positions) and also offering “last minute” solutions in the event of emergency setup. This configuration works with the FSK data communication protocol. The communication via cable is exempt from any interference and offers easy-to-implement backup solutions. A stronger and more dependable XLR-4 connector is preferred for connections between RT3 and F3 controllers so as to ensure a solid communication to the system's nerve centre. In this case, the configuration works with the steady 485 protocol, which can also be issued via wireless.

WIRELESS. Among the available radio frequencies, which is the best one? There does not seem to be a definite answer. Topography, physical hindrances, national regulations, are all essential elements that entail different choices to be applied to different contexts. Why should we limit ourselves to choose a system that uses a single radio frequency? PyroLEDA® provides you a wide range of solutions in terms of frequency and power (W), and offers you a perfect match for every need (on demand). All our solutions guarantee checking and screening functions which provide a real-time feedback of the radio communication’s quality. The 485 protocol communication between FT3 and RT3 controllers, can be carried out both via cable and via wireless (AT3 antenna module). Multiple frequencies available: 433 Mhz, 910 Mhz, 2,4 Ghz. A wide choice of channels for each frequency.

Power supply

PyroLEDA® Firing System uses energy in and efficient way, in order to maximize performance and improve the battery life of its devices.

F3 Remote Controller is equipped with a Li-PO battery which ensures 48 hours of in-use battery life, even when it works as the power supply of SQ3. The “Status” function checks battery charge level with extreme accuracy.

RT3 Field Controllers are powered by 2 x 12V in parallel batteries which guarantee 48 hours autonomy. RT3’s battery autonomy allows you to use additional energy on the field in order to meet AT3 antenna module’s need for a greater power supply.

Finally, the choice to use S3 external batteries to power SQ3 modules represents a fast and practical solution that allows to compensate physical limitations on energy distribution requiring the operator to use predetermined wiring configuration. It also allows to maintain an excellent energetic performance and to simplify maintenance works. S3 has a long battery life: 48 hours in use, up to 10 days in stand-by mode.

Multimedia and Synchronization

The PyroLEDA® Firing System enables a connection with external devices for multimedia control. SQ3s are able to directly decode several types of sync TimeCodes (FSK, SMPTE, Internal Clock) and besides, are equipped with the last 8 lines (output lines from 25 to 32), which are characterized by the following electrical properties:

Max 60 V (DC) - @ 16 Amp (permanent) - @ 100 Amp (peak) – Self-protected.

These 8 lines can be programmed according to the duration and the number of electric impulses. They are able to directly manage solenoid valves or relays.