AT3 Antenna Module

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AT3 is a flexible external antenna module which ensures the PyroLEDA® Firing System for Fireworks’ communication by means of radio waves. The 3 meters long XLR4 cable enables AT3 to connect to F3 or RT3, allows data exchanges and provides power supply to the AT3. The great advantage of using a separate and external Firing Module is represented by the possibility to place the antenna within 3 meters, allowing to work without space constraints.

AT3 can be mounted horizontally or vertically: it can be placed directly on the ground or be hung on a pole according to the particular requirements linked, for example, to the distance. AT3 can be placed wherever it seems useful to facilitate data transfer so as to avoid the need to move Firing Modules or Field Controllers. AT3 is replaceable and thanks to its availability in multiple frequencies, it makes possible to use PyroLEDA® Firing System for Fireworks in every situation. In recent years the debate centered on radio wave technology has been focused on identifying the best radio frequency for Firing System for Fireworks with the aim of proposing it as the only possible solution. But the issue goes further than that.

We are very well aware that there are several issues related to the use of radio wave technology that must be assessed. In the light of national regulations, it is clear that some radio frequencies are directly imposed or almost allowed, while other ones are absolutely banned. Spatial and topographical requirements should be taken into consideration together with distances and potential physical hindrances. Certain environments, such as ports and cities, are highly subject to electromagnetic interference. There's no particular radio frequency which can be found as an efficient solution for all situations. PyroLEDA® provides the user the opportunity to choose the suitable frequency for each situation by merely changing the AT3 antenna module so as not to cause any system's alteration.

Any authorized radio frequency and any broadcast or hop protocol may work well. Currently, are implemented protocols related to 433 Mhz and 2.4 Ghz frequencies. Together with its excellent outcomes achieved in terms of performance and distances travelled, AT3 represents a powerful tool capable of guaranteeing the proper functioning of the overall system. Ask for more information about this product.


  • Weight: 0,300 Kg
  • Dimensions: 10 x 11 x 4 cm
  • IP 55 standard assembled
  • Maximun lenght of XLR4 connection cable (which enables AT3 to connect to F3 or RT3): 3 m
  • Antenna: SMA reinforced connector
  • External power supply (from RT3 or F3)

User Interface

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