NANUK is the transportable professional case designed to protect your most sensitive equipment in the harshest environments, both when you are at work and during free time.

Made of the innovative lightweight NK-7 resin (a copolymer polypropylene specifically designed to combine impact resistance with lightness), all our protective cases have been injection-moulded in high-tech moulding departments and are the results of years of testing (both in the lab and on the field) aimed at ensuring the highest standards with respect to resistance to time’s action, impacts and outdoors conditions.

Designed and manufactured by the Canadian company Plasticase, NANUK represents the latest professional product of a company which in the second half of the eighties, has made history in the U.S.A. Those have been the years in which emerged the first series designed by well-known industrial designer Michel Dallaire. The result is a product capable of combining an outstanding resistance with a modern and captivating design.

You can use NANUK as suitcase for your valuable gear or as protective case for your professional electronic equipment. Due to its exceptional resistance to big impacts, dust, water and all the most punishing conditions, NANUK is absolutely the best choice to move your equipment in complete sefety when you are at work, in case of an emergency and even while you’re engaged in your favorite hobby.

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