S3 Lithium Ion External Battery – 3.7 V

More details

S3 is a replaceable 3,7 V lithium ion external battery destined to SQ3 Firing Module local supply. It is equipped with an XLR-3 male connector for rapid and secure insertion into the SQ3’s XLR-IN. The S3 has a long battery life: 48 hours in use, up to 10 days in stand-by mode. S3 electric potential of 3,7 V should leave no doubt: the voltage output of SQ3 at 32 V will be maintained the same anyway.

Providing SQ3 with an external battery is a guarantee for safety because it allows to deprive the Firing Modules of any potential electrical hazard until you decide to energize them. Moreover, S3 boasts significant advantages in permitting a “last minute” battery replacement in the event of an insufficient charge or even for maintenance works (avoiding the removal of the whole module).

  • Dimensions: 25mmØ x 110mm
  • Weight: 90 g

S3 looks like a cylinder (honed on the side) hosting the XLR connector. The S3 is recharged using the practical RC3 battery charger which is powered with 110/220 voltage. The RC3 takes approximately 4 hours to completely recharge an S3. The S3 has a long battery life and a service life of 5 years on average, if well maintained; then it starts to slowly lower the quality of its performances and to reduce its battery life, depending on the amount of charging cycles it has previously received.

Easy to carry, reliable, durable, replaceable: S3 undoubtedly represents the best choice to energize your SQ3 Firing Modules.