SQ3 Firing Module (32 lines)

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A waterproof Firing Module with a total weight of only 2,5 kg (30x17x8cm), SQ3 is provided in its extremely heavy-duty and anti-scratch aluminum varnished case. SQ3 is a powerful device and is state-of-the-art compared to all other existing firing modules in terms of functions, flexibility of use, reliability and engineering.

The distinctive feature of SQ3 lies on its autonomy: it has independence for what concerns memorizing, energy supplying and TimeCode’s synchronization. These essential characteristics allow you to use SQ3s anyway, irrespective of whether the other control devices of the system (RT3 and F3) are available or not.

The SQ3 can be used in a wide variety of modes controlled by means wireless or by cable:

  • as an autonomous Firing Module aimed at performing programmed sequences (STEPPER, ACC, COS, TRG, PRG) that can be activated by a standard electric impulse (min. 9V) (A-TRG or X-TRG function)
  • as an autonomous Firing Module aimed at perfectly synchronizing small programmings with music so as to generate an audio track which can be reproduced from CD, PC, or any other audio player (SYNC function)
  • in manual mode with RT3 (MANUAL function
  • )
  • in digital mode with F3 (O-DIG function
  • as a Firing Module aimed at directly managing solenoid valves or relays (POWER function)
  • as an emergency solution (BACKUP function).

Electric Characteristics:

Type Details
Output lines 1 – 23 powered by F3 (Tele-charge) or by external local battery via XLR OUT Max 32 V (DC) @ 3 Amp Max 250 ms Self-protected
Output lines 24 – 32 powered by F3 (Tele-charge) or by external local battery via XLR OUT Max 36 V (DC) @ 4 Amp Max 50ms @ 2 Amp Max 250 ms Self-protected
Output lines 24 – 32 powered by external local battery via XL3 IN (Max 42 V) Max 38 V (DC) @ 3 Amp permanent @ 33 Amp (peak) Self-protected
Lines 24 – 32 powered by external battery via XL3 IN with direct feed to firing lines (connect only negative poles) Max 60 V (DC) @ 16 Amp permanent @ 100 Amp (peak)
Line impulse time (output): Lines 1 – 32 powered by F3 (Tele-charge) or by external local battery via XLR OUT min 1ms – max 250 ms
Lines 23 – 32 if powered by external battery via XL3 IN (min 6 V – Max 42 V) min 1ms – no limiti
TRIGGER (input via BUS connectors): Minimum tension for Trigger Permanent Trigger tension (X-Trigger) Maximum tension for Trigger 6 V / 8 ms 6 V – 36 V 250 V / 50 ms
S-CAPS autonomy in stand‐by without remote power source (completely charged and ready to fire) 1 hour
Maximum tension on XLR3 IN and OUT 42V @ 6 Amp permanent

User Interface:

  • sq3
  • sq3
  • sq3
  • sq3

F3 can be programmed through a software. The supported software are:


PIn order to carry out regular updates, the SQ3 supports the portable software PyroLEDA® Updater which can download new firmware via PC/USB.

SQ3 uses the S-CAPS advanced technology which allows you to optimally manage energy. The SQ3 does not have any internal battery, nor “On/Off” buttons, so that it needs to be powered. This can be done using:

  • F3 cable via remote tele-charge (F3 “Ver. 1.0”)
  • an external local battery (min. 6V)

For the second option, PyroLEDA® suggests using the S3 rechargeable battery. The S3 is characterized by a long autonomy battery: 48 hours in use, up to 10 days in stand-by mode. An alternative to this solution is to energize SQ3 with any other battery (min. 6V) by using its XLR IN connector.

SQ3 is provided with 32 outputs which can be programmed without time constrains and with an execution’s accuracy in the microsecond range. As for duration and number of electric impulses, each output can be activated several times during the same programming. Each output is also provided with double switch control. Thanks to its characteristics, SQ3 helps reducing technical problems and risks related to the malfunctioning of the single output and it ensures a high level of safety by probabilistically reducing failures. In fact in the event of lines that are not electrically independent, the use of the common pole for several output extends potential malfunctioning to the whole group and even to the whole module.

SQ3 is able to directly decode several types of TimeCode as FSK and SMPTE, which are the most commonly used in the pyrotechnic industry. This essential property allows you to synchronize SQ3 through a mere connection to an audio source and avoiding using other devices. It is possible to perfectly synchronize small displays with music, even without using F3 Remote Controller. SQ3 also possesses a very useful function, that is to say the emergency backup solution to F3 Remote Controller: it provides a backup system without modification to field layout.

The last 8 lines of the SQ3 (from 25 to 32) are characterized by advanced electrical properties:

Max 60 V (DC) - @ 16 Amp (permanent) - @ 100 Amp (peak) – Self-protected mode

These 8 lines, as well as the rest of the outputs, can be programmed according to the duration and the number of electric impulses. The outputs can be directly powered by an external source through the XLR-OUT connector (max. 60 V). Due to this autonomy, they are able to directly manage solenoid valves or relays, which are linked to and controlled by the SQ3 module.

SQ3 can be also supplied in the SQ3R version, provided with internal electrical cabling installed in parallel with 2 x SCSI connectors. It can be connected with 2 x R3 extension (16 lines), by means of SCSI connectors of various lengths.