TP3 Tester Programmer

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The TP3 is a handheld device for in-the-ield use which allows SQ3 testing and programming to be performed without using a PC. It is connected to the SQ3’s XLR-OUT connector via a supplied cable (Jack/XLR-3). The TP3 Tester Programmer is definitely a convenient and practical instrument for exploring the SQ3’s full potential. Using the TP3 you can do programming, test lines, modify parameters, take resistance readings of the firing lines and you can benefit from other useful functions.

  • Dimensions: 16 x 8 x 3 cm
  • Weight: 250 g

Lightweight, portable: TP3 is 100% user-friendly. TP3 is powered by 4 x AA rechargeable batteries, with 12 hours in-use battery life.

The use of TP3 is an intrinsic safe conducted operation because of software limited power supplied to the SQ3’s firing lines. You must use TP3 when SQ3 is not powered on.


Once connected to the SQ3, the TP3 allows the following operations to be performed:

  • TEST

Programming. Times and firing lines can be programmed (Modes: COS, ACC, DEC, PRG, TRG, ALL TRG). Moreover, line impulse times can be programmed. Upload & Download Functions.

Test. 32 multicolored LED corresponding to the SQ3’s firing lines which provide an immediate visual information. A scroll display for in-depth diagnosis (resistance of the output).

Simulation. LEDs and audible “beeps” to check the programming.

Advanced Functions. Plug-in activation and quick access to TEST, ID, PRG, INFO, CLONE, selection of timing format (HH:MM:SS.mmm), SAFE/ROBUST mode, select TimeOut, STAND-BY mode.

User Interface

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